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Container & Roll-Off Dimensions


96G - 4'H X 27"W X 30"D

1.5Y - 4'.5"H X 5'.5" X 3"D

2Y - 4'.5"H X 5'.5" X 3.5'D

3Y - 4'.5"H X 5'.5" X 5.5'D

4Y - 4'.5"H X 5'.5" X 6.5'D

6Y - 4'.5"H X 5'.5" X 9.5'D


 10Y -  3'H X 8'W X 13'D

16Y - 4'H X 8'W X 14'D

20Y - 5'H X 8'W X 14'D

30Y - 7'H X 8'W X 22'D

 40Y - 8'H X 8'W X 22'D

* These dimension are not up to spec's since we have different suppliers. This will give you an idea of the dimension.

96g Cart & Rear Dump Containers with Lids
Pictured here are: 

96g cart used for residential & small businesses.  We also have 96g cart for residential CHITTY Recycling .  And the pink 96g cart to help curb cancer. 

In addition are  Rear Dump Containers w/ lids are used mainly for businesses, Apartments, etc.  Also, they are used for demolition jobs.  Lids might be on them or not, depends what's available at that time.


96G 4'H X 27"W X 30"D

      1.5Y 4'.5"H X 5'.5"'W X 3'.25"D

       2Y** 4'.5"H X 5'.5"W X 3'.50"D

      ** Two different designs of 2Y's Straight 2Y (pictured) & Slope 2Y

     3Y 4'.5"H X 5'.5"W X 6'D  

   4Y 4'.5"H X 5'.5"W X 6.5'D

6Y 4'.5"H X 5'.5"W X 9.5'D

This is NOT the proper use of a container ... ISU Veishea 2004